Minimum redundancy coding; data compression and information theory; adaptive Huffman coding; arithmetic coding; statistical modelling; dictionary-based compression; sliding window compression; LZ278 compression; speech compression; graphics compression; fractual image compression.

This course is a component of the University of London's Computing and Information Systems Degree Programme. It is offered externally at SBCS. Further information about the course schedule can be found on the SBCS Website.


The following outline is given as a guide only. The order in which the topics are delivered may vary.

Week Topic
1 Introduction to Data Compression.
2 Compression Techniques.
3 Run Length Algorithms.
4 Huffman coding, Shannon-Fano coding.
5 Kraft-McMillan inequality, Entropy, Optimum codes.
6 Huffman encoding and decoding algorithms, Canonical and minimum variance codes.
7 Adaptive Huffman coding.
8 Arithmetic coding.
9 Dictionary based compression techniques. LZ77, LZ78, LZW.
10 Image data. Vector vs bitmap formats.
11 Image Compression. Lossless, Lossy.
12 Video Compression
13 Audio Compression