The list of things that I want to learn grows faster than the speed at which I can learn. The purpose of this site is to curate some of the areas that I am taking a deep dive into, especially those areas that fall outside of work.

What youget

This is a collection of tutorials and articles about programming and software development primarily. However, I will be including some Machine Learning and Data Science concepts and may wander into some Mathematics at times.


Tentatively, this is the plan. Write some articles/tutorials on these topics:

  • Gatsby - getting started and hosting on Firebase
  • Gatsby - building from scratch (same technologies used for this site)
  • Machine Learning - a series of articles on some algorithms in this space
  • Algorithms - the design and analysis of algorithms in general


From past experience I am very negligent of my own website and very rarely post new articles. Starting in 2020 I am aiming to post at least one new article or tutorial per month. Then I will see if I can increase that velocity.