Below is a list of tools and environments that I use in my daily work as a software developer, lecturer and technical writer.
Inspired by Wes Bos' Awesome Uses page.


Visual Studio Code (VSCode)

Became my main code editor sometime in mid 2018 taking over from Webstorm. It feels lightweight, is free, and unlimited extensions are available.


Webstorm is an excellent IDE. I very reluctantly moved over to VSCode and still keep it around and use on a few select projects just because it is so great.

Android Studio

Built by the same folks that brought you Webstorm and many other amazing IDEs.


Don't use this so much as an editor but rather use many of the tools that are available with Xcode. Also needed for generating iOS apps from React Native.



An amazing time saving plugin for generating code snippets for HTML and CSS. Available for most IDEs.


Alright, some controversy exist over this, but I have no problem with prettier formatting my code for me after I set up the rules that I like.


Sometimes ESLint and prettier gets into a fight but both are useful so its worth making them work together.



Adopted this after macOS did. Spent years on Bash. There are a few features of Zsh that I like but so far no impactful difference.

Oh My Zsh

Pretty decent tool for configuring and managing the Zsh terminal. I may have used less than 1% of the goodies that it offers so far but I'm happy with it.